Employee Tax Incentive


Corporate Social Investment


Skills development and Youth
Unemployment Problem

Be part of the solution! Using a portion of the company PAYE
you can provide scholarships to the unemployed youth

Benefits to the Company

  1. B-BBee points awarded
  2. Immediate financial reward for participating
  3. Preferential  recruitment pool available 
  4. Zero obligation to employ students
  5. Meet regulatory obligations in areas such as CSI and B-BBEE

Benefits to the Students

  1. Obtain 12 month scholarship for tuition fees
  2. Improve qualifications from NQF4 -NQF5 advanced
  3. Entrepreneurial course provides opportunity for self employment after 12 months
  4. Receive a comprehensive CV
  5. Receive daily meal while training


Problem: Illegal trade in wildlife is the 4th largest criminal enterprise globally.

Tackling this remains an urgent issue


Veterans 4 Wildlife

There are many companies sitting with funds that need to be deployed into BEE initiatives.

Working together, for the common good and by donating, everybody WINS.

Benefits to the Companies

  1. Improve BEE level and ensure SED points recognition
  2. Section 18A Tax Certificate issued
  3. Funding of rural community projects which create employment and general upliftment
  4. Skills transfer into the communities